Saturday 3 March 2012

A Hectic Schedule

Since the last update life as usual has been pretty frantic in the Smudge household. First major disaster, (according to my wife and daughter) the sky plus box blows up! major problems as they cannot get their usual fix of east-enders,American x factor and all the other drivel they watch! Easily fixed thanks to ebay. Next up I had two automotive problems. The wife's car needed a new windscreen and the daughters car a new battery again relatively easy to rectify but a major pain in the wallet none the less.

The good news is that I finally changed my car after looking for a suitable vehicle to transport Buck my German Shepard about as well as give me plenty of space for gear when, (ha ha!) I eventually go fishing. In the end I went for a rather spiffing Citroen C4 picasso and I must say so far it's bloody marvellous!

Today saw me actually doing something model related! With the lads from IPMS Salisbury we attended the IPMS North Somerset annual show. It was a great day with plenty of great models to look at as well as a good selection of traders to lighten the load from our wallets. I took some models and a few books down to sell on our stand and came away with more money than I started with. Even after buying some more models for the stash. I can tell you this is an extremely rare occurrence for me!

Unfortunately that will be as close as I get to actually modelling during the next week or so as I am off to Her Majesty's naval base Portsmouth for work and have to slum it in the senior rates mess for a week! just hope the beer is up to scratch!

You can view more pictures here,North Somerset Show

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