Saturday, 10 March 2018

VMS Stuff & Lots Done

Today I received my expected items from VMS. Really fast delivery as ever as it was posted Monday. I've topped up again on some more pigments and also bought some of their new acrylic varnish & paint remover.

We will look at the clean slate remover first and here I used it on the lanchester to remove the lumpy and unsatisfactory paintwork. This stuff is non toxic and only has a slight smell which isn't really unpleasant. You just pour some on the model using a suitable container then let it sit for a while. 

You will see the paint start to lift and ripple on the model. Using a stiff brush I then removed the paint, it even strips the primer off leaving bare plastic. I am really impressed with the clean slate, it does what it says and is excellent. It should be noted that it's only for acrylic paints as well.


On to the VMS varnish now, they have just released three varnishes, matt, gloss & satin. I used the matt on the forklift after my problems with the last bottle of AK rubbish. The varnish needs no thinning just a really good shake of the bottle. I then sprayed this over the parts and immediately I saw a really good matting of the surfaces. 

I went over with four light passes and the model went dead flat. Better still there were no lumps and it went through the airbrush brilliantly. I'm really pleased with the finish and with the ease of application. You can also use the varnish with a brush for touch ups or small areas. It's early days yet but I can say this is the best varnish I've ever used.

As you can see a superb matt finish. I've also been working on a base for the model and a figure to go with it.

So a busy day so far with the rugby just starting too! You can get VMS products direct from them or selected stockists which they list on the website.


  1. Hi Pete, nice review, What have you used to clean the airbrush after these varnishes? Thanks

  2. I used VMS airbrush cleaners pro for acrylics to clean the airbrush out.