Sunday, 5 February 2017

Takom AMX-13/90 Starting The Weathering

Today's been all about weathering the AMX, (whilst watching the rugby). Yesterday I picked out the details such as tools and the canvas covers on the turret so today I started with some light chipping on the sand colour with a suitable green tone. My thinking here is that the real thing would have been supplied in an overall green colour and the sand was added later.

I will be adding some lighter chips later to the green itself. Some darker chips went on next using vallejo 822. I then used a wilder filter, dark brown NL 18 slightly thinned with white spirit followed by a pin wash using wilder deep shadow wash NL 02. Possibly another round of pin washes will be used just to finish it off. 

Again as this is quite a small model I try not to swamp it with washes and filters but instead use the bare minimum to get subtle effects. Likewise I won't be using any oil dot fading on this as there really is only limited areas where this would be effective. Instead I'll use some streaking and rain marks products to add a little surface interest.

Lastly today I used some wilder quick rust on the tracks with awful results. Both tracks went into the solution at the same time but they came out different colours! Not what I was looking for and very frustrating. It means I'll have to spray the tracks instead.

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