Saturday, 4 February 2017

Airfix Land Rover ! Tonne & 105mm Gun Finished

I've now finished off this little project today by finishing off a small base for the models. Nothing fancy but I think it works well in showing off both models and crew. The gun & 1 tonne received a very light dusting of tamiya buff thinned heavily to add a small amount of dust to each. The base was just fine static grass over some plaster & fine sand followed by grass clumps then sprayed with a suitable green and again tamiya buff for the earth. 

The figures had their boots dusted with pigments then everything was added to the base. I really like the way this turned out and really enjoyed myself making it. 


  1. Absolutely love it! - now pack it up and send it to me!

  2. LOL! cheers Simon, I'm open to offers!!

  3. Great painting! I love the uniform's cammo!