Wednesday, 1 February 2017

1 Tonne & Gun Weathering & Matt

I was a positive blur at the bench yesterday, after posting the latest progress I dived straight into weathering the models using true earth washes and filters. I must say that I'm finding these very effective for small scale models as they dry really fast and have a more subtle tone to them. They also are very fine and not at all grainy like a lot of washes & filters you can buy. Perfect for small stuff.

Anyway I only added enough to bring out the details on the kits. Following that a matt varnish went on & finally all the masking was removed and the mirrors added to the doors, a fiddly process to say the least! Once done the lights and indicators were painted and everything put together. Final weathering will probably consist of a very fine spraying of tamiya buff followed by light chalky pigments to replicate a vehicle on Salisbury plain.


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  1. Excellent work - get the base done now! - no pressure!