Sunday, 22 January 2017

Tiny Figures, Priming & Repairs

A busy weekend at the bench for a change starting with the figures for the 1 tonne & 105 gun. Using various vallejo colours I painted each figure in turn & varied the camouflage shades whilst painting. These are just great fun to paint as really it's the effect you are looking for rather than 100% detail. 

You should also remember that when viewed from a normal distance and without the aid of magnifiers or extreme macro photography the overall appearance of the figures especially in this scale should be subtle and not harsh. The 1 tonne & gun also received some attention in the form of a coat of primer after masking the windows.

Next the male tank also had a blast of primer which has really popped all those rivets & bolts out. I'm really looking forwards to painting this.

And finally I repaired the AMX adding some more chain and fixing the commanders external sight using some lead wire. I just hope they all stay in place now! I also gave the model a shot of gloss in preparation for decals and weathering. 

So a very productive and enjoyable weekend well spent at the bench I think.

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