Friday, 5 June 2015

Tamiya Somua Weathering

Back to work on the Somua today and I've now added a filter and a pin wash to the model. I've also added the tools and finished off the tarp on the rear with some further strapping. Subsequent filters later on will be lighter in tone to add a dusty look to the model. I've also not added any chipping or wear yet. 

The decal issue on the kit markings will have to stay as it is after my attempts to fix it went very wrong! I managed to reverse the shield for the left side on my computer and printed it out but the colour and detail was not as sharp as I wanted. It's going to be the side away from normal view anyway so what the hell! I'll just get it finished.



  1. This is looking really good. :)

    I'm going to have to get one eventually.

    I think your replacement marking looks fine, I think the camouflage is the real eye-catcher on this tank.

  2. Thanks Anna I didn't use my replacement markings in the end & just went with the kit decals.