Thursday, 4 June 2015

Greek AMX-30 In Primer

Just sprayed the primer coat on this afternoon & it's really popped all the lovely details previously hidden by the green plastic. I'll add a bit of pre shading later on then let it cure for a couple of days. Handy that as I've just ordered some paint for the camo. I'm going to use Gunze colours again on this as they seem to be the ones which most closely match the scheme. 


  1. The primer shows it to advantage. :) This is the Meng kit? Impressive

    I have the Meng Leopard 1A3/A4, but it's not started.

  2. trimakasih infonya...
    sangat menarik dan bermanfaat...

  3. Yeap Meng are certainly stepping up to the plate at the moment. Not built the 1A3 but have seen it built up & it's a cracker