Monday, 31 March 2014

Starting The Chieftain & A Trip To Belgium

I've now made a start on the Chieftain adding the resin replacement rear grills. More work needs to be done on this area but for now I just concentrated on getting the hull main parts sorted. I have also closed off the open areas on the hull as the side skirts will be off any gaping holes would be easily seen. I can now add all the details probably starting from the rear and working forwards.

Some missing details were also added to the rear of the land rover using scrap etch.

I've also just got back from a three day tour of the Ypres battlefields with a group of mates from work. I thoroughly enjoyed it as we stayed in a great hotel in the centre of Ypres close to the Menin gate. Also we visited loads of battlefield sites and some of the cemeteries in the area. The weather was great too with sunny sky's and a hint of warmth in the sun. Oh and some rather nice beer was sampled too!


  1. Coming on a great mate .. Strangely I'm just back from ypres and the Somme area too weather was brilliant

  2. How spooky is that? hope you had a great time too Terry, the weather really made the trip special.