Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Starting The Build.....Landrover

Over the weekend I started on the Land rover as I had a sneaking suspicion that it would be troublesome and I can tell you it was. It has loads of ejector pin marks, poor fitting parts and lots of flash to clean up. I have fiddled and fettled the body parts now so they all line up and actually follow the correct lines. The worst fit issue was with the rear body that when in place left a gap between it and the doors you could drive a pig through! I just cut the locating pins off the bottom and ensured it butted up to the cab floor.

Having said all that the details such as they are look good especially the land rover badges. The canvas tilt looks more like a hard top but I plan to get it glued then attack it with the sander to get a more realistic look. I have also used accurate armour wheels as the kit ones look too skinny. I used AA set LRA005, goodyear tyre set. Five minutes work and the wheels are sorted.


  1. Great job mate ,sorry didn't get back sooner been on night duty, the Accurate armour wheels make a big change still amazed that they didn't remove the six bolts and change them to five in the kit ..I used a sander and some gentle heat to alter the tilt on one I made a while ago .
    Keep going mate.

  2. Great start and I love how this one goes together.

  3. Cheers guys glad you like it, Terry thanks mate I eventually went for the accurate armour ones in the end thanks for that.