Monday, 3 March 2014

Plodding Along With The Valentine

Yes it's that bloody valentine again! but wait it's almost finished! I've now finished the weathering using thinned tamiya colours only as I did not want to loose all that lovely detail. The base has also been tackled and for this I made up a kerb section using foam board and for the tarmac sprayed rust-oleum. A couple of coats gave me a very good tarmac surface. A plastic girder was added to the front of the kerbs too.

This was added because in the village of Shrewton not far from Devizes and in the middle of Salisbury plain metal was added to the kerbs during WW2 to stop the many tanks passing through the village from damaging the kerbs with their tracks. In fact in some places the metal is still visible even today.  I thought this would be a nice addition to the base. All that's needed to finally finish the build is a matt varnish and some pigments.


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