Friday, 17 January 2014

Valentine Tracks Yet Again!

Things have again been going pear shaped with the valentine this time in the track department. I had weathered up the AFV club replacement tracks and then attempted to fit the buggers but to no avail. They just broke up in my hands! to say the air turned blue is an understatement. The model very nearly ended up in the bin I was that frustrated.

However I eventually calmed down and ordered some Friulmodel tracks, set No ATL-32 which duly arrived. Why I didn't use these in the first place I will never know, anyway after a few nights drilling out each link and minimal clean up I finally have a decent set of tracks that fit and don't want to bite me in the arse! I can now finally progress and get the last stages of weathering finished off. The figure has also had a little attention as my good friend Brian pointed out his collar should be uniform colour not leather as I had painted.

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