Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Academy 1/48th F-4C Phantom

Here is my newest project to start off the new year, Academy's F-4C Phantom. I really like Vietnam scheme aircraft so with the valentine and 38t nearing the finishing post it was a good time to do something different. The kit is a cracker with loads of fine details and looks a fairly straight forward build. It's cast in three colours, grey, black and white very much like the old matchbox kits I built as a kid.

However I have found it's the devils own job finding any seam lines or knock out marks on the white and black. That said it's not that much of a problem more like an annoying itch! Build up starts with the cockpit and this looks very nice with good seats and a couple of pilots too. I think the seats will be fine if you intend to add the figures or just have the canopy closed. If you want the canopy open then maybe some straps can be added or replacement seats used. I'm going with the figures on this one just for a change.

The rest of the build so far has been very easy and trouble free with just a few pin marks to fill and some seams to sand down.

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