Monday, 27 January 2014

Trumpeter JGSDF Type 87

Continuing my obsession with all things JGSDF here's trumpeters superb type 87 reconnaissance vehicle. It's not a complicated kit and has some nice details and has normal solid plastic wheels! This is just such a cool looking vehicle I just had to get the box open and start it.

The lower and upper hull parts need a bit of fettling so that everything lines up and once glued and dry I added some missing weld lines using Mr surfacer. I also had to re scribe the hatches as they had all but disappeared after sanding the hull joints.

I started adding extra details and replacing moulded on handles using plastic card and brass paying close attention to my references. The exhaust came from an old radio aerial cut to the correct angle. The kit does come with a small brass fret which has the number plates, front fenders and side reflectors on it. Just as well really as there is no after market etch or resin for this kit as far as I can find.

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