Sunday, 6 January 2013

Tamiya 1/35th Simca 5 Staff Car

Well I just could not resist starting this model whilst I wait fro the Grizzly to dry off. What can I say? it's the usual Tamiya quality kit which just falls together. This is a real beauty of a kit especially if you are after a quick and easy build. The only additions I made where to replace the drivers head with a resin spare, replace the front number plate with a more in scale plastic card item and add some bolts to the bumpers. I will be adding some valves to the tyres with the aid of some fine brass rod though.

The model is absolutely tiny! and subsequently care needs to be taken when working with the very fine parts. A few ejector pin marks here and there are easy to deal with and within less than twelve hours it's almost ready to paint.


  1. What a cute little car!!!!! : )
    Are you going to make a scratchbuilt roof or are you going to use the one provided in the kit?


  2. Cheers Thierry, It would be easy to scratch build the roof but I am going to go with the kit item on this one as it's just a fun build and nothing too serious