Saturday, 26 January 2013

Coloniale Construction

I started work on the Coloniale last night and would you believe it I have almost finished building the model! The kit just flew together which is something of a rarity when it comes to Italeri kits and myself, a pleasant change that's for sure. A little filer and Mr surfacer was used here and there but on the whole the fit was good. However there was lots of clean up of parts to be done with almost every part requiring some clean up. The wheels did not fit together very well and subsequently when sanding down the seams you loose most of the tread detail. I do like the "FIAT" embossed hub caps though.

The only thing left to do is glue the chassis to the bodywork before painting so I can get it straight as the fit is a bit vague then it's onto painting!


  1. Liking it Pete. It's good to see staff cars on the market, as well the usual Armour.