Saturday, 27 May 2023

AK Land Rover series IIA Build Begins

Made a start on the model with the chassis and suspension parts getting sorted. The chassis has some seam lines that need removing which I did but not too neatly as it really won't be seen on the finished model. The leaf springs are next and for some reason these are in two parts which need to be glued together leaving a seam line down the middle that needs sanding. A lot of work for no visible benefit. The location points for the springs on the chassis are not the best so make sure that the springs are all level.

The front and rear axles are next to go on followed by the wheels brake assemblies. the rears are straightforward but the fronts are made up of three parts that don't fit that well. Test fitting before glue is a must. Again this is over complicated especially when there is no option to pose the wheels in anything apart from straight on and you won't see it on the finished piece. The wheels hubs look good but annoyingly have a ejector pin right in the recess on the rear that gets fitted to the axles. Careful clean up here again so that the wheels will actually fit. The rubber tyres look good and have a nice pattern but I expect some nice resin aftermarket wheels will be available very soon.

I'm probably going to glue the wheel hubs to the axles minus the tyres just so I can get a good solid and level chassis before paint. To get to this stage has taken some time mostly due to over complication of parts that will not be seen. Very bronco so far this kit.

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