Monday 29 May 2023

AK Land Rover Progress

Now that the chassis is built up things are moving slightly faster. The final fiddly and tricky bits have been added here in the form of the steering assembly and the exhaust pipe. As you can see I've partially built up the engine and transmission as I won't be having the bonnet open on this build. What I have assembled looks very nice with lovely detail though.

The front and rear bumpers went on next with the front needing some clean up of seam lines. They both look good once attached to the chassis. The body of the vehicle is made up of multiple parts so some test fitting was required to check for a good fit before gluing. 

Everything lines up pretty well with only the bulkhead, B9, needing some trimming for a good fit. I still have to add the inner wings but so far it looks good. The canvas top fits well and the doors seem to line up correctly too.


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