Wednesday 29 June 2022

Puma Final Bits & A New Project

The final bits have now been added to the model starting with some punched clear plastic for the turret optics. The sandbag covers over the rear lights have been painted and the rear bar armour fitted. Finally some cables went on using lead wire for the side cameras. 

I'll now work on the base then finish off the weathering with mud & dust, that way I can ensure the colours for both match perfectly.

The next project on the bench is Takom's M114 A1E1 CRV. I've long wanted to build one of these vehicles but never fancied the accurate armour resin one. So it's great to have a plastic kit finally. So far I've assembled the lower hull and test fitted the top of the hull. 

One thing to note is this kit is tiny! I'll be flitting between this and the puma but looking at the kit contents I don't think it will be too long before I've got a fully built model on the bench!


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  1. très bon travail , la peinture est très réussie Very good work, the painting is very successful