Sunday 12 June 2022

Holidays, Home Renovations & No Modelling

Just returned from a much needed holiday to sunny Greece and must say we had a fantastic time, even more so than usual as the grandkids came with us. Also very pleased we had no delays there & back which I was very thankful for!  

Back home and during our holiday we had the builders and decorators in working on some renovations. You may remember back in 2019 we had a new roof put on the conservatory and since then the plan was to finish off the area with the removal of the old door and window frame and plaster boarding the walls. Prior to our holiday I spent a fair amount of time preparing for the renovation by ripping out the door and sorting out other areas. 


And now...

New carpets go down this week then I can finally empty the man cave which has been used as a store during the work. Very pleased with the way it's all turned out as the room now feels much brighter and actually part of the house now. This is also the last big change we will be making as well thank god!

With any luck I'll get back to the bench and the puma by the end of next week!

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