Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Modelling Hiatus

I'm in a bit of a modelling desert at the moment having lost my mojo for all things plastic, hence very few blog posts of late. It comes to us all at some point but for me the lack of modelling shows has been a real factor in losing my enthusiasm at the moment.  

The lack of social interaction and inspiration is something I've found I really miss about attending shows be it as an exhibitor or just as a punter. Also a few pressing family issues and having yet another holiday cancelled have all added to the lack luster feeling I have towards most things at the moment.

So in an effort to boost the mojo during a few days down in Dorset I padded off to Bovington tank museum for a bit of inspiration. So even with covid measures in place I spent a very enjoyable few hours looking at all the new displays that the museum have assembled since my last visit. 

The display explaining the British development of the tank during the second world war was very interesting as were the displays of uniforms and equipment used at that time. Did the visit work? Well I think so as I may even start building something very soon, possibly not what I have already planned but it's a start at least!

Of course I took the opportunity to buy a couple of kits from the museum shop whilst there, well I mean it would be rude not to!


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