Saturday, 1 August 2020

R35 Figure & Some Goodies

The figure has now had about a weeks drying time so the oils are now fully dry. I'm now starting work on the flesh areas after painting up the trousers. It should look good under a matt coat. 

I've also had a much needed top up of my Vallejo paints and also bought some decent brushes. I went for the new Fugazi series from Broken toad as they where a reasonable price and look to be nice brushes. I also bought a little treat in the shape of a Gecko models cruiser tank A9 Mk1 CS. It's not little that's for sure with the box packed with parts!


  1. Nice oil work on that leather jacket, Pete. The A9 Cruiser CS looks a good kit too - you got a bit of a France 1940 thing going on here? I always liked the early BEF colour schemes.

  2. Cheers mate, yes I have a bit of a thing going for that period don't I?