Friday, 26 June 2020

No Modelling Just Fishing

I've done bugger all at the bench since the last post, I think I'm slightly burnt out so have taken a break and indulged in my second love, coarse fishing.  I've been fishing on Devizes angling associations Crookwood lake which is a real haven for wildlife and very relaxing and peaceful. As a bonus I've also caught a fair few fish including two cracking tench yesterday. 

It's really helping me to recharge the batteries and get out more after the lockdown which was very tedious at times. No doubt the modelling mojo will return but meanwhile I'm enjoying doing something totally different.


  1. I have fond memories of teaching worms to swim with my late father in various lakes he had found over the years.

    Often thought I'd like to go back, especially with weather like this. Looks lovely.

  2. Yes it's been a while since I last went fishing as well Matt and it does make a nice change to just sit and watch a float.