Friday, 22 May 2020

AMX-10 Turret Work

I've now moved on the turret and have progressed nicely over the last couple of days. I started by adding the rear basket then using VMS hull tex added the anti slip to the roof of the turret. Everything fitted pretty well with only some minor adjustments and trimming needed to get the armour panels lining up properly.

The commander's independent sight is quite good and only needs a few small improvements. It features a etched guard assembly, which I've not added yet, but you do get a handy little forming tool in the kit so you can bend the delicate part to the correct shape. The smoke dischargers need a little bit of work and here I cut off the end caps and replaced with punched plastic card for better detail. The anti slip on the etched cover on these was added using Ammo by Mig anti slip paste as the hull tex will not adhere to the etch. 

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