Monday, 15 April 2019

Man Cave Part 5

Finished off the plastering over the weekend and almost finished painting the ceiling but ran out of paint! Also the door frame is finally going up as I type after some delays thank god! With any luck I'll have the room decorated or very close to finished by the weekend.

In Between working on the renovations I've been thinking about new pictures and displays for the room once finished and today I've received a couple of items which will look brilliant once cleaned up. I've always wanted to get my paws on one so two is a bonus, my sad dreams have come true! 

Can you tell what vehicles they are from? 


  1. Pete,
    I think the smaller link is from one of the CVR(T) series of vehicles, & the larger one - I don't know, possibly a Diehl-type track? No idea what type of vehicle it came from.

  2. Yes you are correct chris, the larger link is in fact from a Warrior.