Saturday, 2 March 2019

Tamiya Churchill Crocodile Complete

Here's the crocodile all finished on it's base. Looking at the pictures you would be hard pressed to guess it's 1/48th the detail is that good. The usual tamiya quality really shines through which makes building the kit a pleasure and very quick. The addition of the red zebra trailer wheels and extra track armour just enhances it even further. 


  1. Seeing how good these latest Tamiya 1/48th kits are Pete, it's on the verge of tempting me to try one myself...….I've got my eye on the new Hanomag & 88mm Flak 37.

  2. Cheers chaps, I hear you Chris that would look smart I think

  3. I succumbed to temptation & bought one - will send you some pics when it arrives!