Saturday, 7 July 2018

Heddington Steam Rally

With glorious weather, no interest in the football and a chance to have a look at some classic vehicles we visited the Heddington steam rally this morning. It's just up the road from us as well which was handy. A very pleasant few hours was then spent slobbering over various vehicles and enjoying the sunshine.


  1. Favourites have to be the Bensons lorry and the E-type!

  2. You're obviously into the same things as I am Pete! I had no idea that County did conversions of Ford tractors from the TW-series, I thought they had quit long before that! Counties are popular with collectors here in Sweden even if they weren't very common as farm tractors. Nice hat in front of the Diamond T, I lost mine in l'Herault this afternoon when going inverted in a canoe (the hat that is, my Diamond T is still safe in the stash as far as I know...).

    Regards Magnus

  3. Thanks guys, I do enjoy looking at old vehicles whatever they are, Magnus I'm pleased to hear that the diamond T is still in the stash, for a moment I thought you were describing a new form of extreme modelling!