Saturday, 2 June 2018

FV432 Bulldog Slat Work

The models now had the rear slat armour partially fitted, just the corner sections are glued on at the moment. Nothing to catch you out here with just the addition of a few bolts needed and some small amounts of mold lines to eliminate. I found tamiya extra thin quick drying cement was a real help when gluing the slats together as it gave an almost instant bond.  

With the slats done I then finished off the glazing, tow ropes, mirrors & antenna and hey presto she's all built. I must say for a complicated looking model it actually builds up very easily. As a bonus most of the extra armour can be left off until much later in the painting stages which makes getting to all those hard to reach areas a lot less stressful. 

After a good clean up of the bench I'm now working out the base to go with it as well as a figure.

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