Saturday, 9 June 2018

Bulldog Decals & Detail Painting

I'm flying along with this build, it's just so much fun that I can't stop working on it. Even with waiting for paint to dry etc, I've again got loads done. The decals such as they are were taken from the original takom 432 and the spares box. The bulldog decals all depict Scots guards vehicles so by nicking some from the other 432 I can do a generic vehicle instead.  

Detail painting is again not that time consuming with very little that needs to be picked out. The exhaust taking the most time. I picked out a fair few bolts in different metallic tones and spent some time masking and spraying the antennas. The rear door area and rear bins had some wear added referring to pictures along the way.

I'll spray another gloss coat over the model to seal it all in before starting on some oil dot fading to add some lighter tones to the model and then follow this up with a subtle pin wash.

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