Thursday, 1 June 2017

Tamiya M561 Gama Goat Complete

The project is now completed after a major session weathering the goat over the last few days, in fact I only just finished half an hour ago! For the final weathering on the goat I used true earth filters and washes mostly due to their really quick drying time and ease of use. Subtle was the key here as the goat is actually a small vehicle I did not want to loose the camo or details under a heavy layer of weathering. 

Once that was done the same earth colour as used on the base was thinned a little bit more and then sprayed on the lower areas of the model building up the dust effect. The same method was used on the wheels & I also removed some of the paint with a lightly moistened cotton bud. The wheels then had a dry brush with a black grey colour and all the lights and glazing went on. The figure and canvas went on last followed by some light metallic on the shovel.

So there you have it, set in Germany circa 1980's. This has been another fun and interesting project not least because the kit is so good out of the box and the base was another first for me too.