Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Next On The Bench & D-day 6th June

Next on the bench after a bit of a clean up is AFV club's IDF  Shot Centurion. This is being built for the 6 day war group build over on the modelworx forum. As you may remember I picked this kit up really cheaply at last year's IPMS Belgium show with the intention of building it for the GB. I've since added a set of panzer art resin wheels and DEF mantlet cover to the box.

Construction thus far has been focusing on the running gear and here the resin wheels really do make a difference compared to the kit wheels. I'm not a fan of the way AFV club tackled the wheels anyway especially with the rubber sections which just will not stay glued on. I also attempted to use the kit rubber tracks but alas they have the smallest locating points I've ever seen and again just won't glue! Bloody frustrating, why oh why don't AFV club make better tracks? 

Fruil metal tracks are therefore on their way as I can't be arsed to muck about with the shite kit items. 

Again it's the anniversary of the D-day landings so I think it's fitting that we remember those who gave their all for freedom and stood up to oppression. 


  1. That's a lovely kit, I have it in my stash but opted for Accurate Armour's wheel set. I agree with you on the ones in the box: useless! Now I just have to get around to building it...

    Are you going to do an israeli one?



  2. Yes I am doing an Israeli version Magnus, which should be fun to paint & weather.