Saturday, 12 November 2016

Seehund Progress And Exciting News

I forgot the other day to post the limited progress I've made on the seehund, so here it is. Basically the model is now in primer and I've painted the torpedo's with alclad steel. They will be finished off with red warheads. I've been delayed as the base for the model was late in arriving however this has now arrived and I've stripped it of it's dark stain and used a lighter stain. Once that's dry I can varnish. 

I'm also very excited today as news has reached me that Takom will be releasing a 432 with full interior sometime next year! Talk about a mind blowing release, the possibilities are endless colour scheme wise and time frame wise. Remember these things were first used in the 60's and are still trundling around today. Absolutely awesome, put me down for a dozen! If it's as good as their Chieftain kits I'll be a very happy modeller.


  1. That IS good news - now can we have some other British stuff (Fox and Ferret, Lightweight Landrover.......)

  2. Indeed Simon I'm hoping for further CVR(T) family releases too. You never know!