Friday, 18 November 2016

Bugle Call Show 27th November & More 432 Pictures

Bristol model soldier society will be holding their annual show Bugle call on Sunday 27th November at a new venue in Nailsea. For those of you who remember the old venue in Bath which was sometimes a nightmare to park this new venue looks to be much better offering more parking and more importantly more space and better lighting.

Stonehenge modellers will be in attendance so don't forget to say hello! Here's a link to the show information page, BUGLE CALL 2016

On to Takom's 432 now and a couple more pictures have emerged on the net. OK they are just CAD images but they do give a flavour of the detail that hopefully will be evident on the final model.

Who knows, maybe we will see further 432 family releases and even possibly some further modern British kit. I'd certainly like to see more of the CVR(T) family.  

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