Tuesday, 4 October 2016

AS-90's Base Building

The last few days have been rather busy at the bench with me trying to get these finished for Belgium. Today they finally went onto their bases and I have made a start on painting the figures for each model. The bases are just plain simple ones as time was against me however I think they work quite well and set off the finished models nicely.
A few bits went onto the BATUS base to fill an empty corner and a small tree was used to depict a juniper bush as seen on Salisbury plain on the Bowman base. 

The lion rampant flag was a pain in the arse to make! I could not track down any echelon decal flags so printed my own using decal paper. I had to reverse the image to get the lion facing the correct way on both sides of the flag. I then used kitchen foil as a mount and stiffener for the decals. This actually worked really well as it's much thinner than lead foil but very rigid.

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