Saturday, 3 September 2016

Tamiya BA-64B Finished

Today i have finished off the base for the model and after lightly dusting the model with pigments can add another finished model to the ever expanding display cabinet. For the base I sprayed a dark brown over the entire area then using vallejo colours picked out all the bricks in different tones and painted up the wood. The jerry can and pipe were painted with rusty tones and some lead wire was added to the pipe for broken cables.

The base then got a major dusting with lots of different pigments varying from light brick dust to dark brown for scorch and burn marks. This was all fixed in place with pigment fixer. The model received a similar amount of pigments but the effect was kept light so as not to loose all the details added previously. I think the finished base conveys perfectly a destroyed city scene and the model works really well adding some colour to a very desolate scene.

Again I've really enjoyed modelling in 1/48th and have decided to do more of these super little models in the future. The fact they are easy to build, have great detail and compared to 1/35th models take no time at all to finish is a real bonus, as is the smaller space needed to display the finished items.


  1. Nice work. Any chance you can do a tutorial as to how you did the base?

  2. Hi shawn I can't do one for that particular base as it's all done now but I'll do one for my next model.