Saturday, 12 March 2016

Sherman Primer Coat

The model has now received its primer coat and again I'm trying something new.This time it's a new primer from Badger airbrush called Stynylrez, bit of a strange name I know but this new primer is a water based acrylic polyurethane. It's a spray straight from the bottle primer and is also self leveling. You can get it in different colours such as black & white but here I've used the grey version. 

After a good shake of the bottle it sprayed beautifully through the airbrush and after just a couple of light coats gave a really good coverage and even distribution of the primer over the model. Drying time is also impressive with the instructions stating that you can paint over it after just 8 minutes.  

The initial results are impressive, far better than all the other primers currently sitting on my paint rack. I bought mine from Scale model shop who are the UK distributors for it. 

I was so impressed I decided to prime my secret Chieftain project with it and again it went on extremely well and easily. Here's a sneaky picture!


  1. Nice priming Pete ! I never seen this primer before but it's gives good results. Is it finer than other polyurethane primers like Ammo of Mig or Vellejo ones ?
    I'm very impatient to see all picture of your Chieftain project, it's looks very very beautiful ! I hope I can see it soon ... good job my friend and happy modeling !

  2. Hi Alain, yes i think it's a finer primer, I've been having problems with MIG and Vallejo primers for some time. I think they have changed the makeup of their primers as they used to be very easy to use. This new primer is much easier to use.
    Glad you like the sneak peek of the Chieftain!

  3. Argh! I just ordered a fresh resupply of AK Interactive grey primer, and then saw this. :-( Thanks for the recommendation, I put it on my wishlist and will give it a try on my next go round.

  4. Is that the Takom Chieftain? Great work as usual. Glad you are back on the bench.

  5. David, sorry about that! LOL, Shawn yeap it's the Takom Mk5 and a very nice kit it is too. An (almost) out of the box build as well.