Thursday, 3 December 2015

YW-750 Further Work & Stash Additions!

Just a small update today on the model, I've now started to add the hull fittings. Nothing too taxing here and the etched screens have a very nice weave to them. I'm still undecided as to how the model is going to look, beat up to hell or just in need of some TLC. 
Also as I have the breaking strain of a soggy snickers bar and the kit tracks have been a pain in the arse a set of spade ace white metal jobbys have been ordered. Not 100% essential unless like me you really hate kit link & length tracks! 

Talking about breaking strains I've also increased the stash somewhat thanks to Airfix's black Friday sale. I ask you who can resist when it's free postage on orders of £30 and over?(which is what this little lot cost me) So say hello stash to most of their op Herrick British army vehicles & a couple of wingy things.

The Afghanistan stuff should work very well on a diorama and being 1/48th I can pack a fair bit into a small space. I've long admired examples seen at shows so now i can start planning on some interesting scenes. ( oh and getting some etch & aftermarket wheels & stowage!) Flipping heck where will it end?


  1. Hi Pete, I see you're going along fine with this YW 750, I wanted to know, please, where you purchased tracks Spade Ace..... perhaps by Hobby Easy.

  2. Hi Loris thanks glad you like it so far. As for spade ace tracks I get them from Hobby Easy,