Sunday, 29 November 2015

Bronco YW-750 Armoured Ambulance

here's today's progress and I must say so far I'm impressed with the kit. The plastic is nice to work with and the main hull parts fitted together very well. Sure there are a few really silly little small parts but not as many as in some of broncos other kits. 

The wheels have been attacked with a motor tool for a nice worn look to the rubber and a start has been made on the tracks. Bronco supply right and left side tracks which means you have the correct bolt details facing the outside of each run. Every link needs cutting from the sprue and cleaning up too. The tracks actually click together however the join is not that solid and they have a tendency to come apart.

Spade ace do make a white metal replacement set which I may get depending how I get on with this run. I don't really want to paint the model with the tracks in situ as that means I'll have to leave the track skirts off. Anyway not bad progress for a lazy Sunday with the wind & rain howling outside!

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