Tuesday, 14 October 2014

ZTZ 99 Tracks

I've now finally built up the tracks for the model. Interestingly spade ace supply you with enough tracks to do only half a track run. Not a problem if you are fitting the side skirts as the top run of tracks is hidden but a bit of a bummer if you choose to display the model without it's skirts. However the tracks are very well detailed and slightly easier to assemble compared to the Bronco plastic tracks. In fact making only half a run is not a bad thing when assembling complicated tracks such as these.

I'm also looking at the figure and trying to decide what style of tank crew helmet to use. It seems that there are two types in use by the PLA a hard shell helmet similar to US crew helmets and the more usual Soviet style one.

The hard shell helmet is more usually seen worn by IFV crews but I do have a couple of references showing tanks crews wearing them. The soft style should not be to hard to make as I can adapt a soviet head to match the PLA pattern.

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