Thursday, 30 October 2014

ZTZ 99 Matt Varnish & Shiny Bits

The model has now been matt varnished and I've picked out all the shiny bits using the new(ish) ammo crystal colours. I really like these as the have a very bright colour to them and go on much easier than say tamiya clear colours. For the periscopes I've used the new ammo colour periscope green, spooky that! Over a base of silver this colour works really well. A clear lens was also added to the front light. Next up will be a bout of pigments and tamiya earth & buff.

The figure is a spares box item with one of the dreamworks heads. I really wanted to use a head with the soviet style soft helmet but even using a hornet soviet head just did not look right as the faces look too western. I can get away with using the hard shell type helmet though as I have a few reference pictures showing crews with this helmet. The figure will be painted in some digital camo later on. A bit of magic sculpt was used to adapt the uniform to PLA style.


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