Thursday, 25 September 2014

ZTZ 99B Swift Building

More swift progress on the ZTZ now and as you can see the hull is almost complete. The details are crisp and the parts need very little clean up. The etched engine deck screens are very nicely done as well. The turret is now starting to take shape and here as well as on the hull I've used a seam scraper to slightly deepen the lines between each panel on what I assume is some kind of reactive armour.  

I've also had a go at building up the Bronco tracks but after some time spent cleaning each tiny part up, then trying to glue them without losing the ability to move each link and scratching my head in frustration I've given up on them.

Life's too short to be getting stressed over silly things like fiddly tracks so yes you've guessed it! Spade ace tracks come to the rescue yet again. A set is winging it's way from Hong Kong as I type. A bit extravagant you may think but really I've always found tracks my achilles heel and although I've built the Bronco type tracks in the past with great success these days I'm all for the fun and enjoyment of building models and a lot less about as much accuracy as I can manage.
And anyway who really notices the finer details of tracks on a model anyway? especially one with side skirts where you only really see a small portion of the track faces. Everything else is hidden away behind the skirts!


  1. Off to a good start and i was wondering how you all do the tracks, so it was not me that had issues when i was younger and attempting tanks and ended up giving in, nice to know there is a solution out there.

  2. Yes tracks have always been a chore for me thank god for white metal track sets!