Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Chinese ZTZ 99B (Almost) Complete

Here's the 99B now almost done. The only thing left to do is the tracks which I'm still waiting on. I'm also going to fit a couple of fuel drums to the rear racks courtesy of Craig over on the Modelworx forum who has a couple he's generously donated.

As you can see only a few additions have been made and most of these are on the turret. Chains for the smoke dischargers, a few bits of plastic card and brass and a couple of magic sculpt canvas covers for the wind sensor and that "thing" behind the commanders hatch. Oh and a spares box ammo can for the AA gun.

I'm really liking the look of this one, you can really see the Russian influences as well as ideas from other nations tanks incorporated into this one. And that massive gun really is impressive. It's a big model and packed with some nice details and sensible construction sequence. The build up has been totally trouble free and an absolute joy to make, top marks to Hobbyboss.


  1. Chinese equipment is most welcome to build these days, indeed most of these look like they'r a fusion of a lot of different schools but built without too much worry about the cost hence they are usually of formidable sizes!

    Have you decided for the camo?

  2. Thanks Murad it's just so much fun building these Chinese vehicles, they are so different. Camo wise I'm going for the normal three colour scheme as I want to depict this on exercise and not on parade. I've seen a variation on the normal sand & dark/light green which uses a brown colour so may go for that.