Wednesday, 23 October 2013

M151A2 MUTT Finished

Well I have finally finished off the little Mutt's base and figure and it's all ready for the display case. The base just had some static grass and tussocks of grass added then it was sprayed using tamiya colours then given a dusting using pigments from the main build. The figure was also just tweaked slightly and given a matt varnish and a final dusting of pigments.

I think the figure really compliments the vehicle on the base and am very pleased with the final piece. It also goes to show that a really nice model can be produced without sometimes using loads of after market stuff. Just a few simple additions are all that is sometimes needed.


  1. Looks great Pete...Well done...:)

  2. Very nice Pete, i do like the camo on the uniform and the can of soft drink.

  3. bravo. despite of the sometimes poor review of this kit, you really made it into a masterpiece