Friday, 17 May 2013

GMC Figure & Base Work

The figure and base have had some attention over the last couple of days and are now close to being finished. The figure is really very nice and with some paint on the details really pop out. For the greatcoat I used panzer ace's 332 Highlight Japan tanker Followed by a dark mix for shadows and a progressively lighter shade for highlights.

The base is also going well after a primer coat I started picking out some cobbles in various tones and painted the brick work again varying the colours. Next up I gave the base a wash of thinned AK interactive's wash for NATO vehicles and once this had dried slightly  I added a load of MIG pigments. Once this was all dry I dusted off the excess and added some oil streaking and grime to the stones and bricks. Lastly the static grass was added to the base. All that's let to do now is to paint the grass and finish off the weathering with some more oils.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Pete,

    Clean work mate! I like the greenish colour of humidity at the bottom of the brickwall!