Sunday, 12 May 2013

Bargin Time!

Popped off to IPMS Gloucester's show this morning for a bit of retail therapy and managed to bag this little beauty for the princely sum of £15,

 Quit a bargain if I do say so myself. The show was a little cramped with very little space in the main hall. Whilst looking at the models on display I was very conscious of the extremely small walkways between the tables, a recipe for disaster with so many people trying to walk around. Trader wise there was plenty of choice but very little to be had in the way of real savings. (the transporter was a private sale)

Cramped and restricted space seems to be a trend at the moment with UK shows and I do wonder if a more sensible approach would be to have a vendors hall and a separate hall for displays as they have across the pond. It would certainly be more comfortable for the visiting public and displaying clubs. Anyway that said an enjoyable few hours was spent looking at some nice models and catching up with friends.

On to a totally different subject now and I am pleased to say I am finally off the dreaded cigarettes! it's only taken me years to do it. I have tried patches, gum, cold turkey and medication but finally I have beaten the weed! Haven't had a ciggie for 17 days now and I feel really positive about giving up. Mostly as it will leave more cash for plastic!


  1. Hey Pete! Well done with the cigarettes!
    Btw... seems a good buy ; )


  2. Cheers Thierry, three weeks now I am well chuffed, and yes the kit was an absolute bargain.