Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Ah! Some Progress!

Apologies for the lack of posts lately but as usual it's been busy around the old smudge household! Spring has (almost) sprung so I have been busy getting the garden back into shape as well as doing a few repairs and maintenance tasks. Mrs Smudge does like to keep me busy! I have also had to purchase a new camera as my trusty old one finally gave up the ghost. The new camera is much more complicated and I am only just starting to understand it's functions. I have been doing a little modelling on the RSO when I was not feeling too knackered and it's coming along nicely. The rear bed is made up of loads of parts but they all fit extremely well. I'm very close to the painting stages now with only a few bits to add to the model.

Now the question is to use the tarp or not?


  1. very clean build pete, by the way here too my wife is always trying to keep me busy at home and I am always trying to find a trick to avoid it. same wives all around the world!!, same men!!!