Wednesday 14 June 2023

No Progress & Something New!

Well it's been very warm her in the UK over the last week or so which means it's not the best conditions to paint the rest of the Land Rover. Tried last night but the paint was drying out very quickly. So I will pencil in a painting session over the weekend in the evenings.  

Something new landed on the doormat today from down under, this rather smashing conversion set by Black Ops Models for an Australian Abrams. A vehicle that has long been on my hit list of must build models. A quick look in the box and I'm very very impressed with the contents. I will do a small review very soon. Now all I need to do is track down a Dragon M1A2 SEP No 3536 kit. These are pretty scarce at the moment but fingers crossed I can hunt one down for a decent price!

1 comment:

  1. This looks like it could be a good one Pete. I like the Australian camo schemes a lot, originally on the old Leopard 1A3's. Good luck with nailing down your Dragon M1A2 SEP. Talking of M1's I recently picked up a Panda M1 1P for an absolute song. A really good kit with early and later sized turrets. Lovely kit.