Wednesday, 10 August 2022

More Minerva

It's a tad difficult modelling here in the UK at the moment due to the high temperatures which quite frankly we are not used to. An english summer usually has plenty of the wet stuff but we've had no significant rain for some time now. So painting is pretty much out as the paint dries far too quickly & I've had to pick my moments to get some modelling done on the minerva as it's like a bloody oven in the cave!

So only a very small update but the chassis is on it's wheels. The spokes look great, very similar to the lanchester and the rest of the suspension has also been added. Next will be some painting when I can manage it.



  1. I feel your pain - the paintbrushes are literally drying solid before they hit my wargames figures!

  2. joli projet en cours ! c'est du bon travail