Saturday, 12 September 2020

Tamiya 38(t) Start Of The Weathering

 Today the model has had a couple of thin filters and pin washes added to start off the weathering process. I'll add a slightly darker pin wash in the morning and once that's dry start the oil streaking. I'm not going for a heavily scratched or chipped vehicle here as I want to show a relatively new arrival on the eastern front. 

I also bagged a rather nice kit from airfix today whilst out shopping. It's a re-box of the thunder models kit and looks to be a simple and fun build. It was also cheap as chips!


  1. I've got the Thunder version in my stash. I build the Heller 1/24 Ferguson TE-20/FF-30 some time back. I'm looking forward to seeing your build. Although I have the supplies on hand, I haven't graduated to weathering yet. I keep putting it off.

  2. cheers Edward I'm looking forward to building it. Looks to be a simple one which is great.

  3. 38T's looking good, Pete. Nice to see the tip about a black wash on the Panzer wrap worked for you.