Tuesday, 26 July 2016

France Attacks

Again today we have seen horror in France yet again with the disgusting attack on a church and the killing of a priest. I'm in no way religious but I respect everyone's rights to believe in what they want. We are seeing attacks all over europe and I wonder how long before they strike again here in the UK? 

Europe as a whole needs to strike and strike hard at these people and we need to do it now. They cannot be bargained with or asked to see reason, they have none apart from their twisted ideals. They don't have pity or remorse and certainly don't care what they do to achieve their twisted aims.

We need to act as they do and wipe them out now before the whole of europe erupts into a war zone and to hell with their human rights, what rights did they give to their innocent victims? My thoughts are with all the victims and their families as well as the security forces putting themselves on the line every day, and all my French friends who follow this blog.


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